This article explains How to get new images into Azure Container Registry, to be added to AQUA, without waiting for the scheduled scan.


Aqua Enterprise version 4.5/4.6


As all the AQUA registries integrations, one can enable the "auto pull and scan" / "Automatically Register new images" (the wording depends on the AQUA version).

The above is controlled by a scheduled process based on the timing that the user set.

Now, how can we get new images uploaded/updated in Azure Container Registry to get registered in AQUA as they are uploaded/updated in the ACR (Azure Container Registry)?

All that is needed is to enable the below:

And copy the generated webhook URL (for example):

And save your ACR Registry Integration.

Now go to your Azure Container Registry page, click the webhooks under the services option:

Add a new webhook, give it a name and copy the webhook URL you got from AQUA to this new webhook Service URI.

Save this new Webhook.

Any new image that will be pushed/updated to your ACR will trigger that webhook which will get AQUA to scan and register the image in AQUA.