Environment/Affected Version

Aqua CSP

Applicable Versions

4.6 / 4.5 



It is assumed that customer have installed Prometheus and Grafana, and the integration of  Aqua will be needed on this deployment.

In this guide we will provide some information about how to do this integration but its customisation (Third party installation, third party configuration, dashboard creation,...) will not be supported by Customer Success Support.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with some guidelines but customers could always contact their Customer Success Manager in case they would like to obtain assistance from our Professional Service team.  



1) In first instance we will enable Prometheus on our Aqua CSP console as explained on our documentation (Check Related information),


2) As indicated above you will need to provide the token on customer scrape configuration, check a sample below adding a "job_name" for Aqua CSP into the prometheus.yml configuration file,

Observe  that you will need to provide also the actual Aqua CSP url details, above there is a http sample.

3) Now you could verify your connectivity in Prometheus, by checking the actual Target status, 

4) You can check now in Grafana and create a dashboard by importing the attached JSON file attached to this document, which it will provide you with a basic example of which options you will be able to create, 

Upload from file or pasting the text content and select Prometheus as Data Source,

5) You will get the new dashboard "Aqua Operator", where data will start to be populated (be sure to change the time frame)



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