Deployment Task

This article details the JSON body needed to create an 'Azure Container Registry' integration with Aqua using a ReadOnly username and password via a REST API.

Note: This article assumes you have already setup authentication via JWT or basic authentication. Please see the Authentication API documentation.

Deployment Steps

POST to /api/v1/registries

    "name": "<registry name>",
    "type": "ACR",
    "url": "<ACR URL>",
    "username": "<your username",
    "password": "<your password>",
    "auto_pull": false,
    "auto_pull_max": 100,
    "auto_pull_rescan": false,
    "auto_pull_time": "03:30",
    "pull_image_age": "0D",
    "pull_image_tag_pattern": [],
    "always_pull_patterns": [],
    "pull_repo_patterns_excluded": [],
    "prefixes": [],
    "options": [],
    "webhook": {
        "enabled": false,
        "auth_token": "",
        "un_quarantine": false,
        "url": ""