Use Case

How do I find out what commands can be run using the MicroEnforcer on a protected workload that is deployed?


In Docker

docker exec -it  <ProtectedContainerInstanceName> microenforcer help

In Kubernetes

kubectl exec -it <K8sRunningPodID> -- microenforcer help

What should I see when I run one of these commands ?

$ kubectl exec -it nginx-protected-46-56cfd46747-45s2w -- microenforcer help
Authorization engine for containers

  microenforcer [command] [arg...] [flags]
  microenforcer [command]

Available Commands:
  aqua-audit     Show container audit events.
  aqua-digest    Create digest from the image file system.
  aqua-encrypt   Encrypt the filesystem.
  aqua-init      Initialize the environment.
  aqua-show-scan Show scan results in image encrypt mode.
  aqua-version   Print version information.
  help           Help about any command

  -h, --help   help for microenforcer