Deployment Task

Aqua provides an integration with Bamboo CI/CD, which includes a plugin that can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace. After installing the plugin, configuration is necessary from Bamboo Administration > Add-ons > Aqua Scanner Plugin. This configuration can also be defined as Bamboo Global variables.

Deployment Steps

1. From Bamboo Administration > Global variables, the following variables can be defined:

"aqua.scanner" string - aqua scanner image 
"aqua.apiUrl" string - aqua url  
"aqua.user" string - aqua scanner username  
"aqua.password" string - aqua scanner password  
"aqua.additionalDockerOptions" string - additional docker options  
"aqua.caCertificates" bool - verify certificates

"aqua.webpanel" bool - enable/disable the scan result web panel in the Job Summary

2. From your build plan, in the Aqua Scanner Task, select 'Use Bamboo Global Variables' for the Aqua Configuration Type. In this case, the plugin will leverage the variables/values defined in step 1 to construct the scanner command: