Deployment Task

This article explains how to acknowledge a vulnerability for all images, your entire image repository, or the same for just an image tag (version).  Using the "all images" or the "repository" options can help you cut down on the total number of acknowledged vulnerabilities that you are tracking.  

Deployment Steps

The following steps will use an example image and vulnerability to demonstrate the feature.

  1. Navigate to your target image from the Images navigation item and then click on the Vulnerabilities tab.  You can also access all known vulnerabilities for your entire image-set from Compliance → Vulnerabilities, and then click on the Vulnerabilities tab.
  2. Identify the vulnerability which you'd like to acknowledge.  
  3. Click the three vertical dots on the far right side of the vulnerability details and then click Acknowledge.
  4. On the following screen, you can choose between these options:
    • This Image - Only acknowledge this vulnerability for this specific image tag.  (e.g., alpine:3.8)
    • This Repository - Acknowledge this vulnerability for all image tags in this specific repository (e.g., alpine:*)
    • All Images - Acknowledge this vulnerability for all images in any repository.  No scanned image will report this vulnerability as a finding.