Deployment Task

This article details the JSON body needed to set the LDAP/AD settings based on Aqua 3.5.

This article assumes you have already set up authentication via JWT, or basic authentication. See the API documentation for authentication instructions.

Deployment Steps

GET request to get current settings: 


POST JSON body to set settings: 

"type": "LDAP",
"port": "636",
"enable": true,
    "object_class": "&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(objectClass=person)",

    "ssl": true,
"verify_cert": false,
"domain": "LDAP_Host",
"base_dn": "dc=company,dc=com",
"user": "LDAP_bind",
"password": "Password",
"role_mapping": {
"Administrator": [
"Auditor": [
"Scanner": [
"Vulnerability Operator": [

Note that the type field can be either LDAP or AD.