Deployment Task

Often the development process can generate a large number of tags of an image, particularly if creating a new tag upon every build of an image.   It is common for only the most recent tags to actually be in use in the environment.  

If you would like to limit the number of tags that Aqua will keep, you can do so via global settings for image cleanup.

Deployment Steps

To set this, select System and then the Settings menu from the Aqua UI:

Browse to the section 'Automatically remove images':

Provide a number of tags of an image to keep in the 'Images to keep" field.  This will keep the X most recent images, and delete the remainder.  

The method for determining the requested time frame of an image can be set in the drop-down for 'Order images by date of' field:

  • Creation in Registry:  The date the tag was pushed into the registry where it is stored.  This is useful when images are registered via an automatic nightly pull of new images from the registry or via a webhook notification from the registry.  
  • Last Scan:   The time when the last scan was performed of an image.  
  • Registration in Server:  The date when the image tag was registered with the Aqua Console.  This is useful for some scenarios where there is a tight integration of Aqua with other external processes.  For example, if part of the promote-to- production process is to register an image tag with the Aqua Console governing that infrastructure, the date of registration would correspond to the date when the image was promoted into the environment.