Deployment Task

Microsoft teams can be integrated by utilizing the Slack integration section.

Deployment Steps

  • In MSFT Teams, configure a 'Connector' for a MSFT Team Channel.

  • In most cases, you will need to add the feature 'Incoming Webhook' and configure it.

  • Set the User/Service Account that is supplying the feed and the message icon. The image below illustrates the use of the Aqua logo (manually uploaded) and 'Prod-Jenkins' as the user.

  • Go to System > Integrations > Notifications > Slack, and set 'Channel' to the MSFT Team channel, 'Sender Name' to the User created (Prod-Jenkins), and Channel Webhook to the URL provided from Teams Channel Connector.

  • Test the notification. Once Aqua starts scanning images that are considered Disallowed by the Image Assurance Policy, they will appear in the designated channel.